Cryo EM 101 – Cryo EM 101
Cryo EM 101 – Cryo EM 101
Cryo-EM and Cryo-ET are emerging methods to image biological specimens at ever-improving resolutions.

The purpose of CryoEM and CryoET 101 is to teach the principles of both techniques using a media-rich approach with videos, animations, interactive simulations, and real data that cover relevant steps along a typical project workflow. If you are working with purified proteins or protein complexes, we invite you to start with CryoEM 101. If you are interested in imaging cells, subcellular components, or otherwise heterogeneous biological materials, CryoET 101 may be more suitable for you.

About CryoEM/ET

CryoEM and CryoET 101 are being developed by Peter Shen, Janet Iwasa, and Julia Brasch at the University of Utah. Click here to learn more about the course creators and what they have in store over the coming months.

Looking Ahead…

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