About CryoEM 101 – Cryo EM 101

About CryoEM 101

Cryo-EM has emerged as a powerful tool for high-resolution structure determination. To aid the training efforts of newcomers to the field, we are creating a media-rich curriculum to augment users’ own hands-on training. The training material will contain videos, animations, and interactive simulations that cover the major components of the cryo-EM workflow.

CryoEM 101 is made possible in part by NIH Common Fund CryoEM Initiative.

Peter Shen 
Biochemistry – Assistant Professor at the University of Utah. Research interests include 
Cryogenic Electron Microscopy and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction (cryo-EM), Structural Biology, and Protein Quality Control.
Janet Iwasa
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Utah. Broadly interested in the visual communication of molecular and cellular biology.
Julia Brasch
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Utah. Research interests include synaptic organization, cell-cell adhesion, and electron cryo-tomography.
ClearDev LLC
James Thoms & Paul Mayson – web design & development, as well as the production of the interactive modules.
Arik Thuesen
ScientiaViz is an animation studio that specializes in high-quality 3D medical animation. Please visit thewebsite at:

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